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World Parks Campaigns


Thank you for your interest in the mission of World Parks!

We know there are many worthy causes and we truly appreciate your decision to support the conservation of lands around the globe.

At World Parks, we are dedicated to the creation of eight vast areas, one on each continent and one in Oceania, to be preserved in their natural states, unencumbered by the inventions of mankind. In addition to the important environmental, health and social benefits of preserving nature, World Parks seeks to protect precious natural resources, including great forest ecosystems, which are irreplaceable. World Parks seeks approval from the people of the world through cooperation and working in concert with, not against, existing governments. Because, we are all a part of nature, not apart from it.

“World Parks’ mission is to galvanize the forces of like-minded organizations and millions of people who recognize the need for world-scale preservation of our priceless natural resources.”

– Jeff Shea, Founder

Your donation will go towards the creation of these protected areas and educate the public on the importance of environmental protection and stewardship.

Please consider making your donation a recurring one to ensure the future of our planet for years to come.

You may donate by clicking on any of the 'Donate' buttons on the website or by check to:

World Parks, Inc.

2785 Goodrick Avenue

Richmond, CA 94801


Warmest regards,

The World Parks Team

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