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Conservationists, explorers and protectors

At World Parks, Inc., we believe in protecting the planet for everyone, especially future generations. Our team and network consists of:

  1. Explorers who have traveled to every county on the planet and seen firsthand the beauty of wild places unencumbered by human intervention,

  2. Conservationists who work in nationally protected lands as stewards of the environment providing educational experiences to the public, and

  3. Protectors, just like you, who want to learn more about what they can do to help ensure wild places are still around for the next generation.


Landscape scale conservation on a global scale

We are proposing something big...really big. We want to create "World Parks" on every continent and in the ocean both to protect vast undeveloped areas of nature and prove to humanity that we are capable of coalescing around a major issue, climate change.

Imagine any national park, state forest, or natural area you have ever enjoyed. This area was most likely administered by your local or federal government and anywhere in size from a few acres to over 1,000,000 square miles. Now imagine if that area was not bounded by your local town or country but as nature intended, along ecological borders. Then multiply the footprint by about a thousand. This is a "World Park." We envision one on each continent and more in the ocean.

To get a better sense of just how large these areas are, take a look at the Terrestrial World Parks page and the Marine World Parks page. These "World Parks" will alleviate the need for wildlife corridors and various connections used in the past to create ecological frameworks of conservation - because we want to protect the areas already preserved, the corridor areas and all the area in between.

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