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Meet The Team

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Jeff Shea


Jeff Shea is the founder and director of World Parks, Inc. Jeff has been a passionate explorer since his youth. At the age of 27 he sailed across the Pacific Ocean and then walked out of the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. He completed climbing the highest mountain on every continent in 1997, visiting every country in the world in 2003 and walking & rafting across South America in 2020. Jeff has led two Explorers Club Flag expeditions into the unexplored Meseta de Ichúm in the Venezuelan Amazon. He was the photographer for the first survey of Warming Island and for the discovery of Stray Dog West, one of the northernmost islands in the world. Jeff resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. Jeff has a B.A. in Mathematics and an MBA from San Francisco State University, and has been published in University of Cambridge Press' Polar Record and Checklist, the Journal of Biodiversity Data.


Tom Sipul

Director, World Parks Kenya

With 20+ years in natural resource management and resource mobilization, Tom served as the Deputy Director of the Kenya Wildlife Service. He is accredited with the development of infrastructure and implementation of policies on land set aside for wildlife conservation.

He possesses skills in infrastructural management encompassing land surveying, and as a consequence employed them ensuring production of accurate maps and plans, topographical and engineering survey in the institution.


Tom also presents an MBA from the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology; BSC in Surveying and Photogrammetry from the University of Nairobi; Post Graduate in Geo information Systems for Cadastral Applications from the International Institute for Aerospace Survey and Earth Sciences (ITC) Netherlands; a Post Graduate Certificate in Global Positioning System-GPS 300 and Post-processing software SKI Leica AG Switzerland.


He is a strategic leader eager to preserve world ecological resources and educate people on their sustainability.

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