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Our Logo

5.a. Two sphere logo horizontal, transpa

The logo depicts proposed Terrestrial and Marine World Parks in ratio to Earth’s surface, which is 71% ocean and 29% land. The two circles represent the two sides of Earth, since only one half is visible at a time. The area within the triangles represents the 29% land surface of Earth, inspired by the shapes of Africa, North America and South America. The orange ovals represent the collective size of the Terrestrial World Parks, amounting to 15% of the land surface and 4% of the total surface of Earth. The area within the circles but outside of the triangles represents the 71% ocean surface of Earth. The yellow represents the collective size of the proposed high seas Marine World Parks, amounting to 22% of the oceans and 16% of the total surface of Earth. Combined, the Terrestrial and Marine World Parks, represented by orange and yellow, would cover 20% of our planet.

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